The following documents have been distributed to HAC Operators and should not be considered as a sole source of information concerning COVID-19 restrictions.

For the latest Details and Updated Guidance Material:

Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Council
Transport Canada / Government of Canada
Website: Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Council (CARAC)

HAC Bulletin -July 13, 2022
• COVID-19 Interim Order #67
• COVID-19 Arrêté d’urgence no 67

HAC Bulletin -June 21, 2022
• Aviation Security Exemption C2022-054 Repealed

HAC Bulletin -June 20, 2022
•COVID 19 Information Related to Managing Travelers departing from Canadian Aerodromes
•FAQ's Repeal of Vaccination Mandate

HAC Bulletin -June 15, 2022
•Interim Order Respecting Certain Requirements for Civil Aviation Due to COVID-19 No. 65
•Suspension of Vaccination Requirements
•Remote Accommodations

In discussions with the Federal government the following points need to be highlighted:

This is a suspension of the Vaccine Mandate but should the COVID 19 situation worsen the mandates could be reinstated.

Mask mandates are not affected;

If a crew member or passenger has COVID 19 they are still not permitted to fly, this remains unchanged from previous guidance from the Regulator;

This suspension comes into effect June 20, 2022 at 00:01 EDT;

If you have COVID 19 documentation that was previously required to be submitted or retained (ie non-compliance reports etc.), this documentation still needs to be retained and actioned as per the requirements of previous or alternate Regulation;

All Provincial regulations, guidance, and requirements remain in effect. Therefore the most stringent regulation whether Provincial or Federal would still need to be complied with;

Please distribute this information to your respective team members so they are aware of the upcoming changes to the vaccine mandate.