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HAC is pleased to Announce Chickenhawk Author, Mr. Robert Mason To be HAC's Convention 2016 Keynote Luncheon Speaker


Robert Mason is best known for his incredible portrayal of life as a military helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War. “Chickenhawk”, originally published in 1983, has become required reading for any aspiring helicopter pilot.


For more information regarding Mr. Mason, please visit
Mr. Mason will be on the HAC Tradeshow floor for a book signing and
“Chickenhawk” will be available for purchase on site.




A Huey Slick, meaning not a gunship, but a troop carrier. Slicks were armed with 2 M-60 machine-guns operated by the gunner and crew chief.



The Number 4 ship in the flight is firing during an assault.



A veteran of a month in VN, I posed on the step of my trusty Huey.



Loggering is parking the helicopters in rice paddies and living there, in the Hueys. A camper’s dream come true!



A field briefing of the pilots of the 1st Cav Division in Dak To, 1966. (Mason with cigarette, is looking for a lighter…)