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HAC Membership and Associate Renewals Are Due September 1, 2016 for Fiscal Year Ending August 31, 2017.

HAC Application Categories Have Changed

Please View the Changes to Determine the Applicable Application Form






VFR Phraseology Guide

In collaboration with its aviation partners, NAV CANADA has released a VFR Phraseology guide for pilots travelling in Canadian airspace.

Download Here

HAC Welcomes New Members


New HAC Associates:

Boost Human External Cargo Systems Inc.
North Vancouver, BC


Skyline Helicopter Technologies
Lively, Ontario


New Operator Members:


Frontline Helicopters Ltd.
Williams Lake, BC


Vortex Helicorp Inc.
St-Jean-de-Matha, Quebec



New Individual Members:


Frederic J. Johnson

Edmonton, AB


Todd Johnson

St. Albert, AB





June 16, 2016


The MCP02 Master Caution Panel system, which has been designed for the S-61/Sea King series of helicopters, has been awarded STC SH16-25 by Transport Canada






Transport Canada Discussion Papers for the TDGR Parts 6 and 12 Amendments

Click HERE to access papers


HAC's Economic Footprint for the Canadian Commercial Helicopter Industry NOW AVAILABLE



HAC Group Insurance Plan Now Able to Offer Optional Loss of License Coverage

Read More


HAC's "Offer of Employment Templates


President's Message

June 14, 2016

HAC's Economic Footprint for the Canadian Commercial Helicopter Industry NOW Available on the HAC Site


HAC's Economic Footprint study was almost two years in the making, and was based on a survey of Canadian helicopter Operators and their industry suppliers.


HAC's President commented "The survey is the first of its kind in Canada and provides valuable information about our industry - including our contribution to GDP; the essential services that we provide to other industries, and the contribution that we make to the health and welfare of Canadians. The study provides an overview of the Canadian Commercial helicopter industry, and will be used to familiarize Politicians with the value of the services that we provide; to promote the expertise that exists among Canadian helicopter operators; and to use as an advocacy tool for the Canadian helicopter community."


The study will also provide valuable baseline information for future surveys on the evolution of our industry, and raises many interesting questions for future research.


The study can be found at:


HAC 2016 Conference Host Hotel, THE WESTIN EDMONTON

June 14, 2016


Now Open for Booking - HAC Conference Rate: $199.00 (Single or Double)

For On-Line Reservations Click Here

Or cut and paste to your web browser:


Transport Canada Still Preparing to Consult on DRAFT Advisory Circular and DRAFT Global Exemption for Class D Harnesses

June 14, 2016


Earlier this year, Transport Canada was preparing to consult on the terms of Class D Global Exemption and Advisory Circular. The process, which was originally scheduled to take place in May, has been delayed by an internal review of the two draft documents taking place inside the department. HAC will keep its members informed through this Newsletter when the Transport Canada is in a position to proceed with the consultation.


Book Your Edmonton Trade Show Space Now — Our Floor is over 50% SOLD!

June 14, 2016


Annual Conference & Trade Show

Exhibitor Space - On-Line Application


Click here to see the Exhibitor Prospectus.

Click here to see the Floor Plan.


Read about our Keynote Luncheon Speaker – Robert Mason – Author of Chickenhawk


Almost all of our conference social events are held on the trade show floor for maximum exposure and networking opportunities.


Booth Space is sold out each year and we anticipate the HAC 21st Annual Conference and Trade Show to be the same with approximately 700 delegates attending the largest gathering of the commercial helicopter industry, its suppliers and manufacturers in Canada.


Interested in some elevated profile by sponsoring one of the HAC's Conference Events? Please contact: Barb Priestley at or by phone at (613) 231-1110 ext 237


Four Static Display Exhibitors Confirmed for Edmonton

June 14, 2016


Four Static Display Exhibitors have confirmed for our Edmonton Trade Show. This year, Static Display exhibitors will be have their aircraft displayed on the Trade Show floor inside the Shaw Convention Centre.

For more information on the Static Display of aircraft in Edmonton, please see:


Static Display Aircraft - Application
Static Display Procedures PPT Briefing


Other companies with an interest in displaying an aircraft in YEG should contact or


Transport Canada Revises CRM Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA)

June 14, 2016


Notice to CARAC members, Following your feedback in writing and during the technical briefing of April 11th, Transport Canada has made revisions and posted a revised Notice of Proposed Amendment on Crew Resource Management (under Activity #2014-021).


The revised document can be found in the CARAC Activity Reporting System HERE:


Select "Revised Notice of Proposed Amendment – Crew Resource Management". For ease of reference, the changes from the original NPA are tracked in blue font or are underlined.


Please provide your comments on the revised NPA to without delay. HAC will be consolidating comments-received will make its formal submission on the content of the proposed new regulations on June 9.


Does Anyone Know of a Supplier for Protective Cases for FDS Filters?

June 14, 2016


A member has asked. Anyone that knows of a supplier is asked to please contact


HAC Makes its Views Known on Access to H1 Heliports by ME Aircraft

June 14, 2016


Recently, HAC has been working with Transport Canada and members to find a solution to H1 Heliport access problems experienced by some of our members.


Transport Canada has recently been pressing HAC members to demonstrate compliance with CAT A Performance requirements, in the absence of any regulatory obligation. "There is a gaping disconnect that exists between the H1 requirements set out in CASS 325, and Performance CAT A being called for by some regions. There is also no OEM data to support the CAR 325 performance requirements." said HAC's President. HAC's efforts have been focused on resolving this issue through a dialogue between affected operators and the regulator.


HAC Makes Its Views Known on CTA Review Recommendations

May 12, 2016


On April 20 2016, HAC's Board met by teleconference with Transport Canada's Director General Air Policy and her staff, to discuss recommendations relating to Canadian ownership, contained in a CTA Review report released on February 23 2016.

On April 30 2016, in a submission directly to the Minister of Transport Marc Garneau, HAC made its views known on heli-specific issues contained in the report.



HAC Advances a Proposal to Change the CPL-Helicopter Licensing Requirements

May 12, 2016


In response to concerns raised by its Flight Training & Licensing Committee, HAC recently made a submission to Transport Canada that would increase the amount of Dual time required for newly-licensed commercial helicopter pilots.



Transport Canada Revises Crew Resource Management Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA)

May 12, 2016


Notice to CARAC members,

Following your feedback in writing and during the technical briefing of April 11th, Transport Canada has made revisions and posted a revised Notice of Proposed Amendment on Crew Resource Management (under Activity #2014-021).


The revised document can be found in the CARAC Activity Reporting System HERE


Select "Revised Notice of Proposed Amendment – Crew Resource Management". For ease of reference, the changes from the original NPA are tracked in blue font or are underlined.


Please provide your comments on the revised NPA to on or before June 1 2016 when industry comments will be consolidated and HAC will make its formal submission on the content of the proposed new regulations.


Changes in Lithium Battery Regulations – Effective April 1, 2016

April 4, 2016


If you are transporting Lithium Batteries by Air, be aware of the changes that come into effect April 1, 2016 with the implementation of Transport Canada’s Protective Direction No. 35.


This regulation now brings Canada into line with the recent ICAO amendments banning cargos of Lithium batteries on Passenger flights starting April 1st, 2016.


The quick summary is that you cannot carry a cargo of Lithium Metal (UN3090) or Lithium Ion (UN3480) batteries, shipped by themselves, on board a passenger-carrying flight. This is now a “Cargo Aircraft Only” situation. The good news is that it won’t have a large effect on most of your daily operations, as this does not prevent you or your passengers from carrying your cell phones, iPads, laptops, cameras, etc. These can still be carried on board any flight, along with spare batteries. The ban also does not affect any cargo where Lithium batteries are “Packed With”, or “Contained In” Equipment. So, you can still carry a cargo of electronic equipment, or your StarterPak.


You can get further information about Protective Direction #35 from the Transport Canada website HERE. IATA has also published an informative Lithium Battery Guidance document that can be downloaded HERE:


HAC Gearing Up for Indoor Static Display of Aircraft in YEG November 11-13 2016

April 4, 2016

Recently a number of prospective static display exhibitors met by teleconference with HAC to orient themselves to some of the operational details, and costs associated with having aircraft on the floor in Edmonton this Fall. The Shaw Convention Centre has been working with your association to make it all happen this Fall, and your association is engaging in a dialogue with Transport Canada to address the operational and safety related details.


If you have an interest in displaying an aircraft on the floor in Edmonton, and you missed the teleconference, please contact Fred Jones on his cell at (613) 884-1422 or by email at


HEC Harness Global Exemption Discussions Delayed

April 4, 2016


HAC is helping Transport Canada facilitate discussions with users and Harness OEMs on the content of a prospective Global Exemption relating to Airworthiness Approvals for HEC harnesses. Transport Canada had indicated that the DRAFT Global Exemption would be available for written comments early March however, its availability has been delayed until later this month or early in April.

HAC has suggested that Transport Canada should plan on a formal Disposition of Comments to ensure that stakeholders are aware of how their concerns have been addressed, to be followed by a teleconference of interested stakeholders with the Department.


Our HAC Class D sub-committee has been invited to comment on the DRAFT Global exemption when it becomes available. HAC is reaching out to all users, manufacturers, and interested stakeholders (whether or not they are HAC Members or Associates) to invite them to participate in the consultations on this subject.


Please subscribe to the HAC Newsletter at or join HAC to remain informed of the most recent developments on this subject.


Do You have a Company Press Release or Breaking News that Might be of Interest to HAC's Members?


• Press Releases must be provided electronically by the contributing Member/Associate in both English and French.
• Press releases will be posted at no charge on a first-come basis in one issue of the Newsletter.
• Publication will be limited to Time-Sensitive New-Product or New-Service messages. For other advertising, contributors will be directed to MultiView
• Three News Releases will be posted in each issue
• News Releases should be sent to HAC Member Services at


HEC Harnesses

February 19, 2016


Are you involved in human external cargo (HEC) operations? If so, you will be interested to know that Transport Canada (TC) has approached HAC to help organize a Working Group to ensure the equipment you are using to carry those people outside your helicopters is, and continues to be, safe.


Canadian regulations require that equipment used for HEC operations is approved for that purpose, but for some harnesses that are used by some Canadian operators to carry people outside their helicopters, the required approval does not exist. TC needs input from the operating and supplier communities so that they can finalize a Global Exemption that will be the basis for continued use of certain harnesses, which comply with its terms. Operators will work with TC Regional offices to make use of this exemption, when it is finalized.


Within an agreed-upon period of time after being granted the exemption it is expected that all harnesses will be approved using a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC). There will be an Advisory Circular (AC) developed by TC to help Operators and Inspectors interpret and apply the terms of the regulations as they apply to the certification of harnesses that will be used during HEC operations. The AC will be used by STC applicants and TC to ensure that requirements for certification are clearly understood and consistently applied. TC intends to consult with industry during development of the AC. TC is working with the HAC Class D sub–committee of the HAC Air Taxi committee to consult with industry as they move forward with this initiative.


Please monitor the HAC Newsletter for more information as it becomes available.


I Always Feel Like I am "Hanging Out There" — But This Time I Really Was...


Courtesy of GSH, I had a chance to experience a hoist demonstration in YVR – at what most pilots would agree, was the wrong end of the rope - played at our Keynote Luncheon:


ALERT — R44 Main Rotor Blades

March 20, 2015

Transport Canada has alerted HAC to a potential concern relating to certain R44 main rotor blades, arising as a result of an accident recently in New Zealand on February 19 2015. Transport Canada is currently discussing this issue with the FAA regarding appropriate corrective action however, in the meantime operators with affected blades are encouraged to carry out the actions in the attached Robinson Safety Alert.



Get Some Great Discounted Training for Staff and Support Your Association — All at the Same Time...

February 19, 2015



HAC and HELI-EXPO — Why is Delegate Pricing So Different?

February 19, 2015


Alert to Aircraft Transiting North Western BC Below 12,000 Feet

Link to file


HAC Members Make Their Views Known on Low Flying Permits

Read the submission.




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